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The value of Real Estate is ever changing. As comparable properties are bought and sold near your home the value that a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser will place on your home increases or decreases similar to the stock market. Being that your home is most likely your single largest financial investment it is wise to be aware of home sales surrounding your property. Web sites like Zillow.com provide a snapshot into this process, but lack the ability to automate the “truly comparable” home factor in their Zestimates┬«.

Should you decide to sell your home, a good Realtor and the Keystone MLS Database are one 2 parts of the equation. You as the Home Owner set the list price. Working together as a team we can evaluation market data and set a pricing strategy that will provide the greatest return on investment. The fourth and final part is the market. The market is impacted by a variety of factors including supply & demand, national news media, buyers agents, and most importantly the perceptions of the buyers themselves.

A Market and Neighborhood CMA is a good first step to determining the current value of your home, I would be happy to email you a market evaluation and automatic updates for active/pending/closed properties in your market area.

If you are interested in this free service, please provde the following basic information via e-mail me or by completing this Web form.

Zip Code
Type of Property (single family, condo, duplex, other)
Approximate Sq. Footage
Any Additional Features

I will send a market evaluation back to you with a price range based on the comparable property information I can compile from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If you are interested in a more precise evaluation, please let me know and I’ll drop by for a quick review of your home.

Below is a link to Zillow.com which is another online resource that effects the perceptions of buyers and sellers regarding the value of Real Estate.

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