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Pequea Valley School District serves 1,804 students. We are the fourth largest district in Lancaster and Lebanon counties providing transportation services for over 81 square miles. Our district is located in rural Lancaster County and is surrounded by beautiful Amish farmland.

The district includes four instructional buildings; two elementary schools, one intermediate school, and one high school. Pequea Valley employs 139 highly-qualified faculty members, 117 support staff, and 15 administrative staff members. We have 1,217 computers in the district and 15 computer labs. The district has consistently met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards. In order to meet these standards, schools must achieve a 95% participation rate on the PSSA and a 90% attendance rate.

District Goals: 2010-2011

  1. Academically challenge all students with emphasis on upper-ability and high-performing students.
  2. Review, analyze, and implement recommendations from the district evaluation at upcoming Board meetings.
  3. Establish a systematic review cycle of district programs.
  4. Increase communication with the community on district initiatives.

Action Steps

  1. Utilize the Strategic Plan and Building Goals.
  2. Employ a plan to integrate data analysis, technology, and LFS strategies.
  3. Implement the Learning-Focused strategy – Extended Thinking.
  4. Revise the PVSD Supervision Handbook.
  5. Create and implement a truancy elimination plan.
  6. Raise awareness of the growing cultural differences that continue to exist in the community, state, and country.
  7. Modify the current guidelines for remediation.
  8. Refine the vision for technology through the use of an outside consultant.
  9. Enhance and promote the district website.

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